Winning at rock-paper-scissors just got scientific

Winning at rock-paper-scissors just got scientific, a site that we love by the way, just posted findings on research for anyone looking to win a game of rock-paper-scissors. Many decisions have been made on this hand game since the beginning of time. Ok, maybe not since the beginning, but long enough.

   ” Scientists in many fields have studied  for thousands of years, some to gain military or social advantage, others to better understand . One  stands out, the hand game rock-paper-scissors, likely because of its simplicity, and because it can be used to make group decisions. Plus, it’s universal, requiring no  or preconceived social notions—therein lies its inherent beauty. Also, it’s supposed to be fair, with every player having a 1 in 3 chance of winning any given round.”

Researchers gathered 600 university students to conduct an experiment to determine whether there was a strategy or technique that could help boost the chances of a participate winning.  You can Read the full article at:



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