Two South Florida Entrepreneurs Launch Smart and Sexy Apparel Line

Two South Florida Entrepreneurs Launch Smart and Sexy Apparel Line

Sapiosexuals rejoice! Two South Florida  entrepreneurs have set out to make the sciences sexy with the creation of their  new apparel line Geeky Seduction at Co- Founders Angela  Betancourt and Michael Piskosz found a creative way to take science and  technology information, and transform it into a fun and sexy brand.

The company was founded because of a mutual passion for science, technology and  pop culture. Both co-founders also noticed that there was an opportunity in the  apparel market to target scientific and technology minded people while  redefining what it means to be a “nerd or a geek”.

Geeky Seduction is all about making intelligence the ultimate aphrodisiac and  their shirt designs, though scientific and tech in nature, incorporates a bit of  innuendo to inspire the imagination.

The co-founders also decided they would donate a percentage of their sales to  the National Math and Science Initiative, an organization whose mission is to  improve student performance in the critical subjects of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

“Being smart and knowing things is sexy! Geeky Seduction is about embracing the inner geek in all of us and drawing attention to all the mysteries and  wonderment of science and technology,” said Angela. “It’s great if you know what  our shirts mean right away, but if you don’t we hope you will be curious and  look it up.”

Geeky Seduction designs will represent a spectrum of sciences and technologies which include: earth sciences, physics, astronomy, social sciences, mathematics,  and computer science among others.

“Science and technology are so crucial to the health of our future. So many  amazing advancements have been found over the last few decades, and there’s a  need to find many more to propel us to living more efficiently and sustainably  in the future,” said Michael. “Our mission at Geeky Seduction is to make science  and technology popular, cool and non-intimidating. We’re just a small part of a  bigger vision!'”

Angela is a communications expert and nerd that has always been fascinated with  both the social sciences and particle physics. Joining forces with Michael was a  no brainer. Michael is a product specialist for a European medical device  manufacturer and his imagination runs wild with thoughts of black holes, multiverses and the possibilities of the unknown.

Geeky Seduction is up and going. Come join the geeky movement! For more information visit

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