Our Mission

Science and technology are paving the way for the future. Due to this demand, the need for stronger interest and focus in our culture is paramount.

Through a collaboration of the sciences and pop culture, our aim is to create a lifestyle/community that embraces and promotes the importance of scientific knowledge.

Although Geeky Seduction is first and foremost an apparel company, our grand vision is to create a modern, chic, and social community for those passionate about the sciences and technology. Through this community, create initiative and through initiative, prompt change; making science and intelligence cooler by the masses. Science is cool and sexy and we’re here to help promote just that!

Geeky Seduction is only a small piece of this puzzle. But, like the universe, it’s all the small pieces coming together which creates something amazing.

To take it one step further, 5% of every order will go towards a donation to the National Math and Science Initiative. Learn more about this initiative and all of the amazing organizations that support them here.

So to all you sapiosexuals out there, come join the movement in making science sexy!

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